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UTPSTG – Project Update

Now that it’s been two whole months, I can finally start sharing the results of my latest project:

“Unnecessarily Tracking the Patterns of Spam Through Gmail”

Don’t be scared, no real time has been spent on the UTPSTG project, I just happen to keep unwanted messages in my Gmail spam folder for an extended amount of time to keep track of the traffic.

From November 16th*** to December 16th, I received a total of 387 spam messages. For your sake, I did not compose any more spam poetry with these even though I believe that “ternary fangled“, “forwarding luggage“, and megawatt farce” are some of the best examples of literary brilliance ever.


I did decide to try un-subscribing from the seemingly most active spam sender in the box. I figured that it would at least double my spam traffic, if not more. Everyone knows that un-subscribing never works. However, I was wrong. The total spam count for the last month is 284 messages. I went down by about 100. Impressive.

So, even though you don’t care …as you shouldn’t… I am now going to try replying to each and every spam message that I get. I predict thousands of e-mails from the spammer-folk.

I’ll be back next month to report my findings and to formulate a scheme to get money from those bastards.

*** incidentally, November 16th has gone down in history as the day of the worst post ever on ramblewords. I was definitely bored.

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