Jeremy Felt

“I’m From New Jersey” – The song, not the statement.

editor’s reality check: In advance, ramblewords feels the need to apologize for the content of this post. It should have been stopped. But really, what can you do?

There come times in your browsing adventures when you run into a link that you can’t leave un-blogged. You want to just leave it alone and forget that it ever happened, but you can’t.

With that, I give you “I’m from New Jersey.”

Now you too can enjoy the pleasant sounds of the New Jersey State song. That’s not all either. You get to listen to such treasures as the symphonic version, the state version, and any number of town specific versions….

I’m from Hoboken and I want to shout it, no matter where I roam….

Shout on, man! Shout On.

p.s. jeremy is not personally from New Jersey.

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