Jeremy Felt

#3 – La Politique Condens’e OR Poli-BLOG-alicious

It is seemingly that time again, when politics are brought over to the ramble main page so that you too can enjoy the brilliance disguised as nonsense at RamblePolitics.

Oh what fun January has been after the political lull that December seemed to be. It may have just been the season, but all that I could really manage was an ignored letter to our President before 2004 made it’s close. He still has yet to respond, but I wait with anxiety for his insight.

January is turning out to be the month of new beginnings for the Administration, with a whole new lineup of advisers for the monkey. The best so far is the appointment of Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General. I know we all have faith that he will assist our president in leading us toward a new term of terror and torture peace and compassion towards all.

Bush has also made it clear recently that he has learned accountability doesn’t matter to the American people. As long as it is done in the name of freedom, you don’t need any weapons of mass destruction to give us an excuse for kicking your ass. If you do feel the need for some logic behind an invasion, he is perfectly willing to fabricate a truth or two in order for you to jump on the bandwagon.

Mmmmm, yummy month it is I tell ya. Can’t wait to see what the rest has in store for us. The next big event is Thursday’s inauguration, “A Vision of America“. Stay tuned for the deciphered message once that’s over with.

See you next time.

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