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Just Do Something

The RIAA continues to believe that peer to peer file sharing is responsible for a decline in record sales. Instead of changing with the times and actually using the internet as a practicable content distribution service, they have decided to sue around 7000 users thus far.

Britney Spears on the other hand seems to be bent on proving to the RIAA (and world) that crappy and uninspired “music” is the reason for a decline in record sales. I gave you a slightly hidden “example one” last week, featuring a download of a rough cut from her new album, “Mona Lisa”. [download mp3]

This time, I bring you example number two of the self-destruction: …the video for her upcoming song, “Just Do Something”. [download wmv]

You thought Christina’s Dirty video was bad, did you? Yeah, this is basically a really loose copy of that, only it has a worse beat, worse hook, worse everything.

I think I’ll take Britney’s side on this one, she’s definitely responsible for the decline in record sales. Her, MTV, Clear Channel…. I can name more if you want.

“But Jeremy… there is no good music out there, I have to listen to something. What should I do?”

Look for it, it’s all over the place.

[britney video via stereogum]

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