Jeremy Felt

One Voluminous Rock

Yes, you’ve more than likely been keeping up to date on the landslides in California, so you’ve already seen the big freakin’ rock above. (It does just happen to be the most e-mailed photo on Yahoo right now.)

I just couldn’t let this 25 foot high monster go un-rambled. Also, I couldn’t let the opportunity to use the term “un-rambled” pass by. Now please insert your favorite random Armageddon/Deep Impact joke here and let’s move on.

And we’re moving on…..

to the cool stuff.

After all, nothing is as cool as presidential seal boots. Unless of course you have a “man beard“. Then you’re so cool that you have not-a-groupie‘s making fun of you all over the place. Yes, he really did refer to it as that. Now visit those links and recognize!

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