Jeremy Felt

Garden State (the movie)

Wow. Garden State was really really good.


I mean, you had the random bad acting that comes with a lot of the characters in a normal $2.5 million film, but it’s easy to ignore that when the two main characters are excellent and the story is great.

I can now say that Natalie Portman is back on my list of acceptable actresses to consider seeing in the theater. I’m not really sure why she was never on the list. It’s probably because the new Star Wars movies suck that bad.

Right. So the story is good and the relationship between the two characters is believable enough that you actually think the story keeps on going after the credits roll. I would tell you more, but all of a sudden I’d be reciting favorite lines, then analyzing and comparing different parts of the movie. At that point, it becomes no fun for you to watch.

If nothing else, watch it for the soundtrack, every song really does fit that well. I’ll admit that when I first saw the trailer, seeing Natalie Portman mention the Shins made me instantly ticked off that they were clumsily trying to drag good music into some kind of fluffy pop movie. I was wrong, it belongs.

Props to Lauren for being right about this one. Go see it now!

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