Jeremy Felt

Shaun of the Dead

There have been so many zombie movies made already. This should make it very easy to use those as research material before making the best zombie movie ever. At least, that’s what I would do.

These guys, didn’t do that.

Before I finally got around to watching it, several people told me that Shaun of the Dead was a good/funny/enjoyable movie. I believed them. After all, it’s British and it has zombies in it. Oh, how they were wrong.

YOU CAN OUTRUN ZOMBIES!!!! Unless you are stuck in an apocalyptic super zombie world, because that definitely makes outrunning pretty hard. But in this movie… YOU ARE PHYSICALLY ABLE TO OUTRUN ZOMBIES!!!! Somehow they forgot that, stumbled around a lot, lost a bunch of friends, then got past their stupidity and came out on top… I don’t know, lots of things were missing. Maybe I missed the point, but I didn’t find myself laughing at all. With a title like that, I should expect to laugh throughout the whole movie…

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