This Just In – Ashlee Simpson NOT a Giantess

“Is Ashlee Simpson a Giantess?”

According to the fancy search word reporter thingy, a couple people have stumbled on to RambleWords looking for information on a Giantess named Ashlee Simpson (see also: Ashlee Simpsen; Jessica’s less talented sister; useless pop, etc…)

Anyhow, not wanting to turn away readers who are very dear to our hearts, let me provide you with the answer that you are looking for.

The definition of giantess is as follows: “a female giant

Ok, so Ashlee is definitely a female, I’ll give you that one. According to Google, Ashlee is 5’7″ tall. A giant is someone or something that is “of exceptional size“.

So, in conclusion, Ashlee simpson is not a giantess. Unless, of course, you’re talking about the size of her ego, then you may have something.

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