Jeremy Felt

Open Letter to Bush

Dear “President”,

I know that I openly criticize you all the time and sometimes that may not seem fair. I am thankful that I’m at least allowed to speak my mind when I want to. In honor of that privilege, I would like to take this time to wish your family a happy holiday. I hope that you find a way to spend quality time with them, knowing that although thousands of kids will be away from their families for the first time ever, you’re family will be together on Saturday.

I’m sure you will take time out of your traditional Christmas dinner prayer to give thanks for the men and women that are “fighting for our freedom” in Iraq right now. I am so glad that I can wake up Christmas morning and not have to worry about being bombed in my house by evil dictators in countries too far away for their own missles to hit us… Thank you for finally capturing Saddam and putting an end to all of my fears. Hey, if we didn’t free those oil fields Iraqi people, who would?

Hopefully you will take these words into consideration when deciding whether or not to invade Iran and/or Syria next November. I mean, war builds character, right? I say go for it, they don’t celebrate Christmas anyway, and that’s definitely threatening to the American way.

Maybe some day we’ll live in a world of pure American democracy and free trade. Yes, one day the world will recognize that our political process really is that much more un-flawed than theirs. Maybe we’ll get our oil without blood then.

Until then, Merry Christmas….



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