Jeremy Felt

Not Going to Miami

Moments before the heart-tearing break up, we join the conversation between Lindsay Lohan and Wilmer Valderrama:

wilmer: hey, Lindy, what are you doing on New Years?
lindsay: oh, nothing, just having a party with a few people.
wilmer: so you don’t want to come to my party?
lindsay: ummm, yeah, no… but you can come to mine if you want.

Ok, there’s the part where I get bored writing crappy uninspired dialogue. But, all that aside, you too can go to either Wilmer’s or Lindsay’s New Years Party!!!

Both are being held in Miami, both are guaranteed to have A-list celebrities falling down to the B rung of the ladder, and plenty of B-list celebrities trying to climb their way up. And it’ll only run you a couple hundred dollars per person:

Don’t worry, Paris Hilton will not be there, she is hosting her own with Marky Mark. Joy.

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