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Part I:

Ghost World isn’t really the subject of this post, but it is a pretty cool movie. If you like the idea of Steve Buscemi playing the “slightly creepy but still likable” role along with Scarlett Johansson before she got famous and Thora Birch after she got famous, then you might like this movie.

It is fairly slow in parts, and some people just won’t get it, but all in all it’s a good flick.

This leads us to the next part…

Part II:

Bollywood. Ghost World starts off with a song and dance that people are watching on their tv’s from the Bollywood movie, Gumnaam. Cool drum beats, a fun guitar line, and some horns meld together into a pretty groovy song.

That’s where Bollywood for the Skeptical comes in. The site has a bunch of Bollywood mp3’s that you can download and groove to all night. But that’s not all. While listening to the freshly downloaded mp3’s, you can work your way through a pretty decent history/explanation of Bollywood movies and the music used in them. After that, you can learn even more about the differences of the languages in the movies.

Is that all? Heck no. As if it wasn’t enough, there’s a sweet link at the bottom of the page to Bollywood Torrents, which I’m currently using to download Hulchul. Oh, come on… don’t tell me you’ve never turned on the television late at night and been completely captivated by a Bollywood movie. Action, dance, action, dance, what the hell just happened? It’s wonderful.

Of course, if Bollywood isn’t your thing, there’s always these excellent Tijuana Christmas Mp3’s that you can check out.

Yes, Boing, Boing rules.

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