Jeremy Felt

Ocean’s 12

Funny enough, I mentioned Ocean’s 11 last night without knowing that I was going to go see Ocean’s 12 tonight. In retrospect, I probably should have approached the movie with a more wary eye. I think I was blinded by the fact that somehow a couple of my less favorite actors (Clooney and Damon) were able to turn in some decent performances last time.

If I was paying attention, I would have remembered several things immediately:

  • Sequels are always shady, especially if the original movie never had a sequel and then the remake decided it deserved one.
  • Chicago wasn’t enough for me to start seeing Catherine Zeta Jones movies on a regular basis.
  • The possibility of a “deux ex machina” plot is in full effect. I mean, it’s a film movie about lots of illegal crap done by bad guys that you’re supposed to love. There’s no way it’s ending on a sad note, and in real life it probably would have.

All that said, it wasn’t horrible. Not as entertaining as the first one, but not as bad as Eraserhead.

Final recommendation: wait until it comes out on DVD, but don’t rent it yet. Sooner or later one of your friends will rent it and invite you over to watch it. Perfect time.

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