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Safe Crackers – naturally salted

I”m delighted to see so many children in the audience as its time to start training up a new generation of safe crackers or it will become a lost art.

And so starts off Tim Hunkin’s “lecture about the history of Safes and Safe breaking“. Now, right now you’re thinking to yourself… “hmmm, Jeremy has never expressed an interest in safe cracking before. Has he fallen into some kind of Ocean’s 11 phase or something?”

No, although I have watched that twice in the last 2 weeks for some reason. That should make up for not seeing Ocean’s 12 right away, right?

Actually, I haven’t even made it through the entire lecture yet. But when I first saw it, thanks to random acts of alex, I skimmed through and noticed Richard Feynman’s name all of a sudden. I’m no Feynman expert, but Flub has philled (ha ha ha) me in on a few of the cool things that he’s written. When a physicist takes interest in lock breaking, one should pay attention. The Feynman techniques are definitely interesting, more so because they all happened at Los Alomos.

Ok, there’s your safe cracking post for the year. Next time, I’ll fill you in on the top 10 ways to launder money.

note: don’t worry, if it wasn’t for google, I would not have that information so readily available…

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