Jeremy Felt

“Ken Jennings” is a Noun

Welcome to RED‘s (The Ramblewords Education Department for those not familiar) post number 2 of the night/morning/year/ever. Previously we discussed safe cracking and money laundering, now for something a little less criminal.

Ha, previously was like 20 minutes ago, that’s awesome.

Ok. So you’re waiting in line at the grocery store. The guy next to you interrupts your browsing of the national enquirer to ask:

What’s the longest anyone has had to stay in space?

See, at this point he expects you to not know the answer. When your attempt fails miserably, he will shove the information in your face and demand that he take your place in line in exchange for your ignorance.

He just happens to expect too much.

You reply instantly:

On March 22nd, 1995, Valeriy Polyakov of Russia landed after spending 438 days on MIR. He currently holds the much coveted space endurance record.

(insert gasp here for effect)

Sensing your brilliance, everybody else in line moves aside and lets you through, not wanting to be mentally torn apart by a pseudo Ken Jennings. You leave the strange man standing in a pool of his own tears, wondering how he did not read your superior intellect in advance.

Get to the point already, Jeremy.

You mean, besides the obvious point of trying to make being a “Ken Jennings” the next cool thing to do? Yeah, well, ok….

So now the real point seems kind of useless. But, if you were in that above scenario, you would have been happy to have previously stumbled upon the Timeline of Space Exploration. Wouldn’t you? You would.

Of course, you nor I will ever be stuck in the scenario above, I will grant you that. However, it’s still an interesting read, check it out.

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