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Parental Advisory – Explicit Language

I was going to comment on Caron’s “2004 or 1984” post, but wanted to say more than that little comment box allows for, so here’s my version….. Oh yeah, and be careful, there’s a really really BAD and damaging word below and I don’t want to get sued.

I wanna kill and rape you the way you raped me


What the fuck you think it’s doing to me?

Which of these lines creates a more disturbing thought in your mind? Both are from the Korn song “Thoughtless” as covered by Evanescence on their recent live CD, Anywhere But Home. According to these parents, that second line did $75,000 worth of damage to their 13 year old daughter’s impressionable mind and to the minds of thousands of others who purchased the cd. They don’t ever mention that first line, which in context is much more disturbing. Me thinks they’re in it for the money. Ha!

Did I say ha yet? Ha!

Ok, so my thoughts:

  • First, look at the cover art, did it need a parental advisory sticker?
  • Second, why would you be buying a live cd/dvd if you were not first familiar with the content and attitude of the band’s studio recordings?
  • Third, the daughter should sue her parents for embarassing the hell out of her. Things like this end up being the inspiration for songs such as these later in life.
  • If you’re that upbeat about providing a sterile listening environment for your children, you should use Focus on the Family for your music reviews instead of
  • Can’t more things be solved by talking to your children about situations and not turning around and blaming everybody else in sight?
  • Fuck Free Speech

Note to self: still don’t like Evanescence, Korn, or Walmart…. but they didn’t do anything wrong.

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