Jeremy Felt

Something Like That

Guess who’s back. Back Again. Jeremy’s Back. Bring a Friend.

I’m sorry. I shouldn’t really be slapping up Em lyrics like that, it’s really annoying. Time flew there for a week or so. I think I almost forgot that I had a blog to update or something. Actually, I took a vacation from work but didn’t go anywhere. I figured it would be counter productive if I ended up spending all of my time off in front of this damn computer. I’ve done it before, and it just gets to be kind of boring. So instead I did other stuff. Yeah, but now the Ramble is back.

And now, I will proceed to spout random nonsense and links your way in order to confuse you into thinking that this post has content:

  • Thanks to this site, I have found the coolest wallpaper ever. Ok, maybe not the coolest, but pretty sweet.
  • If you haven’t stumbled into it yet, Google continues to be the shit. Check out Google Suggest for further proof of that.
  • This one might belong on ramblePolitics, but head on over to Is Your Senator Hot or Not to voice your opinion. Ha, just when you thought they ran out of ideas for things that may or may not be hot!

This post has been brought to you by RambleWords, the number 1 search result on Google for “Hmmmmmm

only #4 for facist dictators….. Oh, don’t worry, there’s more where that came from…

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