Jeremy Felt


Pat the Cat has invaded the blog world!

I was putting new batteries in my camera at the same moment that Pat decided he would start begging for food. Of course, he had just eaten 30 minutes ago but had neglected to remind his brain. So, in order to earn this small snack he was crying loudly for, I made him pose for a little storyboard. Awww….

Anyway, as you can see, he starts by digging his claws into my leg, trying to see if the camera is food, gobbles it all up (the food, not the camera) in about 10 seconds flat, looks over to see if that’s all he’s going to get, and then sits content on my bed.

Now, I need to stay in the room until he falls asleep. If I leave his sight, then he seems to think that when I can’t see him, I forget when I fed him last. Begging begins again.

note: Yes, the name Pat does come from SNL. When he first wandered into the house, we wanted to respect his privacy and not go through the process of determining his sex until we got to know him a little better. Of course, we couldn’t wait to name him, so… Pat.

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