Jeremy Felt

Bush “Saves” His Buddy

This cracked me up. Bush walks into building. Secret service follows Bush. Guards stop secret service. Bush keeps walking. Bush starts posing for photo shoot. Bush realizes what happened. Bush walks back to guards.

Now here’s where it gets good.

Bush reaches over guards, grabs secret service guy, and pulls him through.

Now, I don’t know many times the Secret Service has knocked on your door for a chat, but they seem like nice guys and for the most part are just doing the job they’re told to do. That is when they aren’t on the campaign trail. Especially President Palmer‘s right-hand man, he rules. Anyway, can you blame Bush for going back and helping him out? That was pretty cool. Granted, it was a bit of the cowboy image that I’m not down with, but still…

note: secret service has never knocked on my door, but if they would like to, please call first as I have no doorbell, and a tendency to sleep through people’s knocks on the front door. Thanks!

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