Jeremy Felt

Uh Oh

Yes, it’s the three-peat of posts that have titles which include words of nonsense that have no true definition. Ha, Try that sentence on for size.

Anyhow, in the midst of all my excitement over creating a new look for ‘the blog’ and stealing pictures from other sites to post (see scary bush lips), I completely forgot to give props to the coolness that provided the inspiration for posting the picture in the first place. So now, I will place Caron in the spotlight of ramble. Hopefully she doesn’t mind, I haven’t had to delete a post yet, and that’d be no fun…

Yes, dear readers, Caron is a member of cool. She has a blog of her own that kicks ass in a cool way. She is one of the cool people that actually comments on stuff that’s interesting. And… whisper: i don’t think she’s a crazy right-wing conservative scary person But who am I to speak.

While I find everything on Ramble interesting (except for that crappy speed post), not everybody does, so it’s nice to hear from people when they do. So, ignore this blog for the moment and head over to Caron’s and check it out, show her some love. Of course, come back here when you’re done because we be cool as well….

Note: please don’t think that I steal all pictures from other people’s blogs and don’t link back to them. Usually I do, and usually I get them from Google images anyway. I just completely forgot last night. Thanks Caron!

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