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We interrupt this blog with a message from another blog.

Finally! I said that I would toss a summary on over to ramblewords every once and a while, but then neglected to do so. Now seems like an appropriate time considering the post below needs to not be on top anymore. Note to self: If you fall asleep while posting something, make sure you don’t click publish…. otherwise it’s going to be bad!


Here’s last week’s RamblePolitics on Trim-Spa:

Crazy tattooed guys on acid holding signature George Bush Crosses started our week off well. I don’t know about you, but I feel so much better knowing that the Christian Right isn’t a bunch of psycho hillbillies. Of course, Northern Illinois students may be a bunch of psycho hillbillies, but that didn’t stop them from publishing Flub’s Editorial and challenge for the democratic party. Of course, somebody had to try to prove they didn’t really read it, by responding in the next day’s paper. Objective accomplished Nikko.

Wednesday was a day of Rudy and Rockefeller. I bet Rockefeller would have been proud to know that he would end up being compared to the Hero of 9/11. Either that or disappointed… one of the two.

Soar, Eagle, Soar – Ashcroft steps down, Gonzales steps up, Powell takes off, and Condi runs next door. So scary gets even scarier and the only decent part of the Administration gives up his spot “con dolcezza“.

Last but not least, there are a lot of people who are sorry for Bush being elected, and those people probably like Calvin and Hobbes. But then there are the sorry-haters, who definitely are too grown up to remember the innocence of a boy and his tiger.

Ok, take a breath, you can have your RambleWords back now. But watch out, we’ll be back in the future…..

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