The most blogged story of the week…. My Turn.

“I wonder if Walt Disney would be proud.”

Brilliant words sometimes escape the mouths of brilliant men, and the FCC’s unlikeable son of likeable Colin Powell, Michael, is trying to prove that he’s not one of them. After Monday Night’s “scandal in the locker room” commercial, Powell made sure to tell everyone that it was uneccessary to show somebody’s bare back on TV. He was probably imagining the responses from faithful FCC lovers across the nation:

Oh my god! Did they just show a woman’s back? Cover your eyes Bobby, this is grown up stuff. Where’s the phone number for the FCC, get this crap of off my tv. Honey, switch over to Fox News, this station is totally inappropriate for our boy!

Other responses included Indianapolis coach Tony Dungy referring to the incident as some kind of racial stereo-typing caused by the reaction to the Kobe Bryant thing….


Ok, Tony, I thought Powell’s response was pretty lame, but you have now earned the title of “person who looks too much into stupid commercials“, good job. Now, please exit the network tv viewing arena and concentrate on your defense against the Bears this weekend. Ooh.. wait a second, forget about the Bears, keep on complaining and maybe they’ll have a chance.

All right. Now, in response to Powell and Dungy, Walt Disney would have been extremely proud. All you have to do is look at the cartoons, especially the ones that involve scantily clad young teenage girls that are romantically involved with different races and/or species. I mean, if ABC showed Beauty and the Beast, would anybody complain about the obvious undertones of beastiality? How about The Little Mermaid, will parents be up in arms over her clam-shell top and the fact that a mermaid married a human? Or take Pocahantas, setting an example for all young teenage native american women to run off with older european explorers invaders.

Yes, Mr. Powell, Disney would have been proud. Besides, was that skit really any worse than those songs about beer involving these two every week?


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