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Thanks to some random blog surfing, I stumbled upon this awesome flash animation set to an acoustic version of Radiohead’s Creep. This then led me to the site for MonkeeHub Media, which in turn led me to the Low Morale page for the entire series, including the Creep video. Anyhow, all are pretty entertaining, I suggest checking them out. Especially the Creep animation, that was just cool.

Updated May 18, 2021: The original video/animation was a flash file, which just doesn’t work on the web anymore. I found the same animation on YouTube and embedded it in this post. I also removed links to MonkeeHub Media (previously, and Low Morale (previously, as those domains are no longer valid. I also updated the link to Creep to its Wikipedia article rather than the Pablo Honey import CD on Amazon. I left a link to the original animation site, which is still up and running, but there is no animation there anymore. And now this update is longer than the original post!

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