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Four Syllables does not equal Four Years

“Damn Hippy Hecklers!!!

Note: This was originally a comment to Lauren’s post below, but too much interesting information made it a post.

Lauren makes a good point… there’s only been one president who’s last name is 4 syllables, Eisenhower. And Rudy just isn’t an Eisenhower.

However, one vice president also had 4 syllables, Nelson Rockefeller. He on the other hand, shares a few traits with Rudy.

Rockefeller was not elected, he was appointed by President Ford when Nixon got himself booted out of office. Sounds like a perfect plan to me when Cheney’s looking to appoint somebody after Bush gets impeached.

Rockefeller Served 4 terms as Governor of New York (1959-1973). I’m going to have to say that Rudy did a better job as Mayor though. Supposedly Rocky increased the budget from $2 Billion to $8 Billion even while New York’s economy was going down the toilet.

The description of somebody as a “Rockefeller Republican” came about because Rockefeller was pretty liberal compared to other Republicans of the time. Many have used this term to describe Giuliani.

Rockefeller divorced his wife and then quickly remarried a woman 20 years younger than him who until then had been married to somebody else. As stated below, Rudy screwed up in that department too.

Rockefeller tried to run for president in 1964 after Nixon dropped out because of a failed California Governor run in 1962. Hmmm…..

Ah-nold, Rudy, Ah-nold, Rudy… repeat.

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