Jeremy Felt

Carville Knows What’s Up

I’ve always liked James Carville for some reason. I mean, look at the picture above, he radiates “cool” out of every pore. He’s passionate about politics and has a great sense of humor to go along with it. All of this together makes this Washington Times article not surprise me:

One possibility, [Carville] said, was to embrace a reform-oriented, anti-Washington agenda. That would require the ability of members of Congress to reject pork projects for their districts and stake the party’s fortunes on fiscal discipline.

Hmmmm…. sounds like part of what we’re looking for in the Democratic Party if they want to continue to be relevant. According to the article, Carville is thinking about writing a book regarding the new direction of the party. I think that may end up being a good read for everyone. I also think he has just been put on my list of letters to write…..

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