No More Ashlee, Yes More Politics

Ok, from now on, no post on ramblewords will ever mention Ashlee Simpson by name again. If completely and absolutely and scarifyingly necessary, the code word we will use instead is…..

……….wait, what am I saying……..

………that’s right, no more Ashlee ever.

Ok then… The real reason for this post is to introduce you to the newest expansion of Ramble….

(insert annoying people faking a drumroll here)

(insert massive cool amazing intro graphic here)

Ta Da – RamblePolitics

Yes, the politics section of ramblewords, created so that we can kind of seperate the constant ranting that may go on over there from the normal fun that goes on over here. Not that the ranting isn’t fun, just, you know…

So join us if you’d like, we’ll probably come up with some way of posting little weekly “what’s on ramblepolitics this week” posts over here, but other than that…. I’m tired, good night.

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