Jeremy Felt

Fox – “Fair” and “Balanced” “News”

Ok, so we all know at this point that Bush has more than likely won the election because of Ohio. There is only the slimmest possible chance that it would turn. ABC, CBS, and CNN have all been responsible enough to call the states appropriately. Fox News, the “fairest of them all” has made the biggest mistake of the night:

Calling Ohio too early…

What’s so wrong about that? Well, there was controversy in Ohio. There wasn’t controversy in Nevada or even Iowa, both with Bush showing as the winner. Every other network called Nevada for Bush.

But, Fox couldn’t.

If they did, then they would be the first major network to declare Bush the winner prematurely. Stuck in a stalemate with reality. Oops.

In the long run it doesn’t matter at all, and to be fair, the other major cable network (MSNBC) did the same thing. Still though, “Fair and Balanced” or just annoying? They couldn’t bring themselves to pull back that 20 electoral votes and go with reality, instead chose to fight it out by scolding the democrats for not conceding.

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