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The Threat of a Draft is Giving Me The Fear

So, then. Only a few more hours before all hell breaks loose and Bush gets re-appointed. Ha ha. Wouldn’t that be fun? I’m already planning on doing research for a book to be titled “How to Get You and Your Friends and Your Family Out of Consideration for the Draft.” Or something to that effect. Really. I’m about that worried about it.
Almost enough to vote for Kerry.
Although I won’t.
Because I refuse to sign my name endorsing some guy who will guarantee the suffering of good people (especially people I care about), on a massive scale in the immediate future.
How is this possible? Because he has been funded by money-grubbing capitalists ever since he decided to be a democrat. And they ain’t giving him money out of a sense of charity, no sir.

“But, Flub! It’s a step in the right direction! You have to learn to compromise! Quit being such an idealist!”

I’m a little skeptical about this “step forward” idea. I mean, just look at another “step forward” we’ve experienced within our lifetimes (assuming you’re old enough to vote):

Flub’s “Step Forward” Chart of Love

__1980 – 1988 ___1988-1992____1992-2000 ____2000 – ?
—– Reagan ——> Bush ——-> Clinton —–> Bush
Did you see the “step forward”? ____|||||_________|
___________________________There it is!________|
And, of course, here is the important part _____over here.

Now, I’m not sure about the rest of y’all, but

It doesn’t look like much of a step anywhere.

At least not from our current perspective, to me, anyway. To myself, it looks like voting within the system (i.e. within the “bipartisan” scheme of things) only guarantees that our current bullshit steps forward into the future.

Bullshit like uneducated media elections, wars for oil influence, psychologically oppressive selling tactics, the systematic assassinating of democratically elected leaders in Latin American countries and replacing them with dictators, people (especially people I care about) dying without health care in a country that is associated with words like “industrialized” and “society,” and other situations that fall under the category Intolerable.

The only way out, as far as I can tell, is to vote outside the system.

Enter the Rant (on health care):

The health care thing is a big one. And probably the most tangible. Think about it. Don’t know someone suffering because they don’t have health care? You’re lucky. Don’t know someone without health care? Try leaving your box.

Everyone is affected by this one. Start a revolution. Remind someone that it doesn’t have to be like this.

Remind someone that the reason it is like this is that we encourage people to go into medicine to make money and not to heal people. Intolerable. Oh, and the rich don’t want to have to pay even more money in taxes. What, you think they should make a small monetary sacrifice so someone you love doesn’t have to suffer and/or die? Come on! Communist!

And if you want to talk about idealists, go talk to one of those Libertarian people. The one’s who haven’t yet noticed that capitalism only works if you aren’t in it for the money. Now that’s idealism. “Corporations will be good to people if we let them be!” Ha ha! It’s working already, I can tell.


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