Open Letter to Subway and Jared

Jared, I’m happy that 6 years ago you were able to take the initiative and lose 245 pounds while walking to class and spending too much money at Subway. This is something to be proud of.

Subway, I’m happy that Jared has helped you expand so that your number of locations now exceeds that of McDonalds.

Both of you, STOP IT. I’ve been watching these damn ads for almost 5 years now and it’s growing old fast. It’s at the point that if I want a sandwich, I will now:

  • a – go to Panera.
  • b – go to the gas station.
  • c – go to the store and make my own.

You have now dropped to the bottom of the list. And to think that I used to go at least twice a week.

For shame, Subway, for shame.

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