Looking for Shrunken Men, You’re (finally) in Luck!

You never forget your first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. A towering monument to freedom, democracy and the big-girl aesthetic, she looms over New York Harbor, 225 tons of womanhood, 151 feet from toes to torch tip …[snip]… for macrophiles, she’s something else — the ultimate sex goddess.

Ok, ok, you guys got the best of me. Ever since my spam poetry post, Megawatt Farce, people from all over have been finding this site through Google, Yahoo, and even Jeeves. What have they been searching for?

Shrunken Men

Now, over the last month or so, I have found great amusement in the fact that people are showing up here looking for shrunken men. No, seriously, it cracks me up….

Now, in order show that I intend no disrespect towards anybody’s “personal interests”, here are a couple informative links…

First, head over to Salon’s article on macrophilia (quoted above). It explained the condition/fetish pretty well, and now at least I know what people are looking for when they show up here.

Then, leave this site, because you’re not really going to find anything related other than this post. Even the spam poetry only had the word shrunken in it. If you need a place to go, I’ve done the google work for you already, try: Pete’s Giantess Links. Hope this little pit-stop on the internets helped your search for enlightenment, have fun.

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