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Are you ready for this?

National Novel Writing Month starts in about 4 hours. Depending on your time zone of course, but I’m central and this is my post dammit. NaNoWriMo is a contest that runs for 30 days throughout November. It gives everyone who’s ever wanted to write a novel a chance to write a novel in a month. Of course, you could do this any month you want, but there’s some nice competition and organization helping you along this way.

Hmmmmm, National Novel Blog Month starts in about 4 hours as well. Wow, I wonder what the chances of that are… talk about strange coincidences.


It looks like all 3 ramblers have decided to participate, so if you choose, you can keep tabs on us by clicking the links on the right (the ones that end in “.novel” for those unable to decipher the link style used here). The end results should be interesting if nothing else, here’s hoping that we all make it to the 50,000 word goal, meet a book publisher, sell the movie rights, and retire to Canada. Unless Bush loses of course, then we can stay where we are and just visit Canada.

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