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Follow-Ups and Observations

Back to the business at the polls. I talked to Lauren and as she pointed out, 22% of the voters in her county had voted early this year. So… In a way it is possible that Fox’s numbers were correct with 14%. It is also possible that they weighed the votes of those people differently from others in order to make the poll more accurate. That puts me back at ground zero, still not understanding polls, still not caring enough to look into it even further. There are so many variables to consider this year, between cell phone users, a larger amount of first time voters, and many other things, that it doesn’t really matter until Wednesday. So, I’ll put that to rest.

Part deux…

I have no idea who I’m going to vote for. Kerry pulled a fast one on me during the debates and made me think that he was my guy. I started to forget my entire philosophy on the subject, and became pro-Kerry. Well, maybe not pro-Kerry entirely, but anti-Bush,

Phil slapped me upside the head and made me start thinking about it again. This is disappointing because now I have to figure it all out in a few days… Badnerick, Nader, Kerry, Grimes? Ok fine, not Grimes, but in his defense, he’s hilarious. I’m sure there’s more out there, but I’m pretty sure that the best chance I have is by concentrating on the Badnaderry trio… (like that? oh yeah, I got more, just wait!)

So yeah, off I go to put a couple days into this decision and hope for better things to come in November.

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