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So much to say, so much time, holy crap the blog title updates itself when you type in preview mode, I’m amazed…..

Is he not the shit???

Yes, I was indeed wrong, Boston did not win 8-3…. Such a disappointment. With that early lead, I was sure that I was going to be right. In fact, St. Louis should be disappointed that I wasn’t right. How can you not even score? Boston spanked you!!! Boston won 8 playoff games in a row… Boston rules!

Wait… hold on… 8 games in a row… score was 3-0… ah-ha… there’s an 8 and a 3… I was close, my brain waves were just mixing the signals that they picked up… oh well, go Boston! May you lose to the Cubs next year.


In other news… Kris Kringle has a brother named Kevin. Kevin has a website with this crappy flash game that makes no logical sense. Please play it and let me know that you failed too… I finally got up to 2400 points, but the power meter makes no sense. Thank you.

and more…

“Won’t he stop already?”

What, would you rather have a bunch of little posts?

Whatever, don’t lie.

So less than a week left before the election, shweet… Can’t wait for the new president to take office. Anyhow, because I accidently requested Tuesday off of work, I’m going to play the part of a political junkie and glue myself to 3 television sets and a couple computers throughout tuesday and until the decision is final. Hence, there is a good chance that a lot of blog postage will be created. And.. woah, where did that come from… hey, look guys:

RambleWords – Election 2004

Yes, it’s true, a seperate blog specifically for election day, just to avoid an overload of nonsense at this one. We may love nonsense, but you don’t want to much of a good thing…

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