Jeremy Felt

Moshing and Spamming

Not sure if I missed the original boat on this, but click on the picture above to watch Eminem’s video for “Mosh”. My opinion of him changes from year to year, album to album, but he does always seem to figure out some way to push everybody’s buttons and for the most part that can be a good thing. If nothing else, the video/song is a pretty interesting listen. Lyrics can be found here.

I’d provide more commentary, but it pretty much speaks for itself, plus I’m at work and can’t really take the time to crank it up. I had something else to say, but it’s slipped by now… oh well.

Ahhh, there it is… The most important piece of information for your mind today. In order to not go crazy, you can’t let spam mail bother you. Instead you must receive it with open arms. Today’s best headline in my spam box:

“Hungry Mheotr Backd00r 0wnage”

I love it…

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