Undeserving of a Title

Note: Unless she does something else really really really stupid. I promise that this is the last post directly related to Ashlee Simpson. I apologize for the space taken up recently, but it’s just too hilarious to ignore.

If you haven’t noticed, today was a big day for Ashlee. She rose to the top of internet searches everywhere, her performance on SNL becoming possibly the most watched SNL moment ever. She tried her hand at the spin game, blaming everything from her band, to her voice, to her acid reflux disease, to her band, to communist bastards that blackmailed her into lip-synching. I think she and her dad and the record company got tired of trying to come up with new excuses, so instead they did the best thing for everyone: Booked her tomorrow morning on the Today Show. The schedule:

7:40am, Ashlee Simpson sits down with Katie Couric to discuss her
Saturday Night Live performance.

This is the part where she either plays the victim or takes full blame. We’ll see.

In the meantime you have a few things to keep you entertained:

  • Watch Ashlee’s first hoedown remix video.
  • Write a letter to Geffen [“Universal Music Group”] to explain how they could devote more time promoting and developing true artists, not hacks.
  • Search file sharing programs for the best new thing in music, Paris Hilton’s single, “Screwed“.

Once again, I apologize for wasting valuable blog space. I’ll make up for it in the next post on true female musicians.

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