She Be Rocking

All of this talk about (Cr)ashlee “Burn” Simpson has made me slightly nauseous. It’s time to make up for that and turn things around with a brief low-down on a few rockin’ girls. Pictures and descriptions go clockwise from top-left.

Shirley Manson

She’s Garbage. Well, actually she and a few geeky producers are Garbage, but she’s the one that everybody knows. She sings, doesn’t lip-synch, writes her own lyrics, and rocks. As far as albums go, Version 2.0 is my favorite, the self-titled debut Garbage is second, and the “ehh, it was okay” Beautiful Garbage rounds it out. It’s rock, it’s got some pop, and she’s Irish. How can you go wrong?

Liz Phair

Indie rock is cool. Liz Phair is cool. Combine the two and you’ve got yourself a bowl full of cool. Until her latest album, which wasn’t so cool, but besides that, it’s all good. Start yourself off with whitechocolatespacegg and once you listen to “Polyester Bride” a couple times, there’s no turning back. You can then go back to the beginning with Exile in Guyville, a sonically rough and lyrically harsh but rocking album. After that, head to Whip-Smart to close it out.

PJ Harvey

Ok, I’ll admit it ahead of time. I own 3 PJ Harvey albums and haven’t had the time to ever listen closely to all except one. So, instead of pretending to review them, I’ll just state the facts.

  • PJ Harvey is supercool
  • Her real name is Polly
  • She can play (well) guitar, drums, violin, cello, and sax (among others).

So without pretending I’m an expert, I can tell you that the newest album, Uh Huh Her, kicks serious ass. Advanced warning, it’s definitely not polished in a poppy way, very raw, but very good. The other two that I own but cannot really comment on are To Bring You My Love and Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea. While I can’t claim to know that much about them, both are critically acclaimed, both are more produced for the average palate, and I’m betting they be good. Either way, check out PJ’s website for her full discography and the other 6 albums I’ve missed out on so far.

Norah Jones

Hmmm, the one I almost didn’t include on the list. I figured that it would be good to have an artist who is recognized as more main stream pop but still completely credible at the same time. I may not enjoy all of her stuff, but she did win an armful of grammies for her major label debut, Come Away with Me. I remember when her first single, “Don’t Know Why” first came out. We were sitting and watching VH1 or MTV at 2am, and all of a sudden we here this jazz song start playing. It confused the hell out of us because Viacom and jazz don’t normally go together. However, her voice was amazing and I was completely drawn to the song. I ended up buying the album, listening to it a few times, enjoying it, but not really needing it, and then giving it to my mom. She still listens to it all the time. So yeah, not sure what point I was trying to get across, but if any impressionable minds are looking for a role-model, choose Norah Jones.

Not CrAsh.

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