No Time for a Creative Title

Man, only 9.5 hours later and I’m already breaking the promise…

Ok, in slight defense of Ashlee, you’re right, it’s not her fault.


This has all been more of a reaction to the Ashlee Simpson Machine, which Ashlee herself may not even understand that she’s a part of.

1) Yes, some people lipsync. It still doesn’t mean that it’s ok to do. If you’re a singer, that’s your job. You should figure out how to sing. The only excuse I’m slightly comfortable with is that of the dancing variety. Britney and Janet have extensive dance routines and are more of a stage act. Being out of breath is an excuse that’s easier to deal with.

2) A tiny bit better than Jessica in attitude. But Jessica has a quality voice. Her songs are still lacking true emotion, but she has a quality voice.

3) Jeez, you had to pick one of the worst seasons. 😉 But I’m still going with Real World Chicago. The Ashlee show just didn’t draw me in after watching it a couple times. Believe me, I’ve given up on MTV playing music by now, it just ain’t going to happen anymore.

4) Without actresses like Ashlee, good music would be better. Record companies would have to spend more time finding artists that they can work with long term. Artists that can make honest music would become more successful, encouraging more good music. Don’t forget what the Beatles and Nirvana were able to do for their respective and future musical generations. The artistic community challenges itself and the artistic community responds. Example, the Beatles write Rubber Soul, Brian Wilson is amazed, writes Pet Sounds. Paul and John listen to Pet Sounds, are amazed, immediately write Sgt. Pepper. Only a matter of a couple years and music was expanded indefinitely.

Crap, I have to go to work. But yeah, I agree, it’s not Ashlee’s fault, she’s doing what she has to do. It’s the systems fault. But, if we accept the system so easily, it will just get worse.

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