Jeremy Felt

Moore Apathy

  • sympathy – sharing the feelings of others
  • apathy – an absence of emotion or enthusiasm
  • empathy – Identification with another’s emotions.
  • telepathyoops, wrong post……

Forewarning: This is not a Michael Moore love poem and at the same time not a hate letter, just an expression and opinion that I wasn’t going to be able to formulate until it was written down.

So I wrote it.

I used to be a big fan of Michael Moore’s. Of course, I didn’t really pay attention during most of his career and missed out until Stupid White men came along. Our relationship is only a couple years running.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but after Bowling for Columbine came out, I started to get some weird vibes from him in general. Just the way that he handled everything was kind of weird. But again, I couldn’t place it. I just knew that I didn’t think he was as kick ass as I did before, but still knew that he was doing good work.

Last night I got around to watching Fahrenheit 9/11 (oh crap, was that a link to a free download?). All of my questions were finally answered and all my popcorn was finally burnt.

I got the impression from his voice/words/expressions during the movie that he didn’t really care. I mean, he cared, but there was no sympathy and his empathy was out of practice. His agenda didn’t seem in the right place and neither did his heart.

As I watched him talk to the lady who lost a son in Iraq, I could almost hear his mind grinding away, trying to figure out ways to have her spit out the next sound bite. He was covering “talking points” better than Bush with a “Rove Monitor“.

That’s what got to me. I thought the movie itself was good. It was emotional and powerful in many places. Moore just seems to have lost touch with the emotions that made it so easy in the past for a reader/viewer to connect with his work. Does that make sense to anyone else?