Jeremy Felt

The Terrorists Ate My Microwave

This is too messed up to be coincidental… First I complain about how Ann Coulter didn’t get hit in the face by a pie. I start watching Fahrenheit 9/11 for the first time. I try to microwave perfectly bad popcorn and get this:

Damn, the terror alert level of my microwave has officially been raised to:

yellowish brown

C’mon, I only put it in there for 2 minutes (note: bag officially says 2-5), then all of a sudden I see smoke coming from the kitchen. Open the microwave door, flames coming out of the popcorn bag…. what the hell, it was 2 minutes!

Oh well, all is back to normal. The house reeks of burnt something, the microwave is permanently stained yellow, I’m hungry, and I finished Fahrenheit 9/11. Now I’ll go to bed and ponder the movie, the war, the “president”, and my missing popcorn.