Jeremy Felt

Simply Unbelievable

I can’t believe it. These guys (pictured above) actually missed Ann Coulter from close range with 2 cream pies. [video via ifilm]


You seriously don’t get an opportunity like that every day, and when you do, DON’T BLOW IT. Now they’ve gone and gotten themselves arrested for nothing (felony) and Ann Coulter goes un-pied another day….

The reasoning? Check out this from the police report:

I asked Smith why he would want to throw a pie at Coulter and he stated that they did not like her, but were “throwing the pies at her ideas not at her”.

Ahhhh, so that explains why you missed. You were throwing pies at her “ideas”. Sugoi! Almost as brilliant as everything that’s ever come out of that (*nice lady*)’s mouth. Screw that! Next time the cop asks you why you did it, tell him the truth: “Ann Coulter is hurting America“.

Update: The guy on the left kind of resembles John Cusack, but he would have done a better job…