Jeremy Felt

When Roommates Disappear

I went to bed at 5am on Monday night and still had 2 roommates… I woke up at 11am (6 hours later) on Tuesday and her room was completely empty… Back to one.

We knew it was coming because of current events in the household, but we had no idea it was going to be that quick. It’s weird having 3 people in a house for a year and then being back to “normal” all of a sudden.

The weirdest part? No goodbye. Not that I feel any particular reason to write a lengthy rant up here, but come on… no goodbye?

The worst part? I don’t get to hang out with this little guy anymore:

I know, I know… he’s a cat. But cats still matter.

What I really can’t figure out is how she moved all her stuff out in those 6 hours without making enough noise to wake me up…. It’s technically Friday now, and I’m still laughing about the whole thing… amazing.

This message was brought to you by Jeremy’s personal life. Sorry for the intrusion, but it was amusing enough to share. Now let’s get back to our regular programming….

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