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It’s an American Blog(ger)

So, I decided that before trading links with James over at American Blogger, I should take a browse through his blog to see if it was Ramblewords worthy (like we have room to talk). Needless to say, the criteria aren’t exactly laid in stone, because we aren’t even that worthy, but I gotta have some fun with this….

The first thing that I noticed when visiting was the Bush/Cheney evilness on the right side of the page. Now normally, I would turn around and not look back. However, we’ll put personal opinions aside for now because if blogs can’t be diverse, what can? We’ll just say “grrrr….” and leave it at that.

The second thing I noticed were the team logos for the Dallas Cowboys and Michigan…. Now, I’m a Bears fan, so that should explain my feelings on Dallas. I also went to the University of Illinois for a year or two and needless to say, Michigan doesn’t top my list of favorite teams. Again, personal opinions aside, etc, etc…

The last non-posting related item I spotted was:

An ad for The OC.

0 for 3, man… what’s with that. The OC took a good Phantom Planet song and overplayed into oblivion. But… He made up for it by linking to 24, the best damn show on television.

Now that those are out of the way, it’s time for a trip through content lane….

There we go, right off the bat, the first post I see… nobody can go wrong with being a Red Sox supporter… Being a Cubs fan myself, I know what kind of pain they’ve been going through and I’m looking forward to the Red Sox taking it home. Oh look, here’s the first “hey we have a post in common” moment of the night…. Republican’s have better sex? I dunno about that, but I can’t hold it against a Republican to think so… I’m more ticked at ABC for actually coming up with that poll, but you can pick which version you like better because Lauren posted on that yesterday.


James may have been wrong about his pick of the Bears over the Redskins, but his heart was in the right place, we should have won that one. If only Rex was still around…

And finally we have the Twaaaaans. Funny enough, it’s the same picture that Lauren posted in “Pete Coors is a Tool“. Completely unrelated articles, mind you, but the same picture. That’s gotta count for something.

And there you have it, American Blogger in a nutshell. I could post more, but you should go visit the blog yourself, it’s an entertaining time. Oh, look, it’s a link on the side of the blog now… there you go, how convenient…

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