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ramblicious music time

A post about music? Of course. It makes the world go round, so it’s always welcome here….. Tonight (or morning I guess) I bring you tidbits on four prominent musicians/groups, enjoy!

First up, Nirvana.

According to Rolling Stone, which I hate for several reasons but felt the reason to link to them anyway, Nirvana’s long awaited box set of rare material is due out on November 23rd. We’ve been waiting years for this and it’s finally here in time for the Christmas season. 81 tracks, 68 never “officially” heard by us yet. “With the Lights Out” [amazon] will consist of 3 cds and 1 DVD. That’s hours of “damn, why is he gone” to reflect on.

Next, Bob Dylan

Thanks to grow-a-brain [blog] I was led to this site…. A biographical web of Dylan, Dylan, Dylan. And thanks to that site, I got to hear his first electric performance (Maggie’s Farm – mp3), and it was wonderful:

“try my best to be just like I am, but everybody wants you to be just like them”

Definitely worth the download, definitely worth spending some time at that site.

Hmmm, Green Day?

Yeah, so normally I wouldn’t be writing anything about Green Day because I haven’t been what you would call an enormous fan in the last 10 years since Dookie [amazon]. However, I also haven’t been able to stop listening to their newest, American Idiot [amazon]. The single drew me in, I had to check it out. It’s definitely better than their other material, in my opinion… More rock, less “Green Day” as I had always perceived them. From the “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”:

My shadows the only one that walks beside me

Yeah, yeah, only one line is all you get from me today… Good stuff though, moving on….

In closing… Janis Joplin

Nope, no significant news to share about her, she’s been gone for a while thanks to Jack Daniels… However, before she left, she managed to leave one of my favorite lines ever written (from “Me and My Bobby McGee”):

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose….

That’s it, and it’s probably out of context, but it’s always rung true for me.

Ok then, that concludes this music edition of ramble… if you’ve made it this far, you rule!

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