Jeremy Felt

Catchup Time (part “Sex, Politics, and Oooops!”)

My personal favorite, Angelina Jolie, was chosen “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire magazine this week (article here). I knew I was right, Dammit!

The best of the week so far, Crack Cocaine may be the new currency for voter fraud.

So with that messing with my mind, I’ll keep the politics short. Kerry might actually get excommunicated from the catholic church for his stance on the seperation of church and state. Or was it abortion? Whatever, same difference at this point.

Satellite Crashes Into House!!!

Seriously though, a freakin satellite crashed into some family’s house. How messed up is that? What could you even say about that if it was your house:

“The satellite landed in our home. Maybe this means we’ll have good luck this year,” the tenant of the wrecked apartment, Huo Jiyu, was quoted as saying.

Ok, I could go with good luck for the rest of the year… yeah….

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