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method . mayhem . madness

Why visit ramblewords over and over and over again?

Good question.

What exactly is the method………. behind the mayhem……….. behind the madness that is this blog? Well, to understand the concept fully, you first need to realize what content is already here.

Check out the archives and read extensively though everything that has been posted in the last 3 months. Then come here and read the following few lines to get the summary.

Ha, hope I fooled you into actually reading all the archives…. Suckas!!!

Subject / Posts

  • music / 7
  • random / 11
  • movies / 2
  • obits / 6
  • politics / 17
  • search / 3
  • news / 6
  • literature / 4
  • spam / 4

So as you can see, we pretty much cover just about anything that comes to mind as bloggable. Right now you will notice that everything is dominated by politics for the most part. That’s just a sign of the times, come november 3rd we’ll be replacing politics with porn and everybody can be happy. Our hits will go through the roof and we will be respected by all.

Or, we’ll just keep on posting ramblings organized in some form of humorous non-nonsense for everyone to enjoy.


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