United Fascist Union Party

Who says that politics isn’t alive and doing well in America? I present to you, Jack Grimes, the candidate for the United Fascist Union:

I stumbled upon his name when browsing through the Vote Smart list of political candidates. His views on the world definitely set him apart from any other candidate:

“We know that the Nazis had a deal worked out with the Grey aliens, probably the same deal that our government has with them today; you enslave and kill off most of the Earth’s population for us and in exchange we’ll give you futuristic technology today and you get to go on living as the turnkeys of “Concentration Camp Earth” once colonization has begun.”

Wow, so that’s the real story behind the Holocaust, huh? Interesting enough. He definitely can provide for hours of google entertainment by turning up on sites with goals such as this:

“….the White House is not his ultimate goal. By his own admission, he wants to use the Presidency as a mere stepping-stone towards leading “a military dictatorship form of government over the Earth.”

Ok, I’m a convert now…. time to donate to the campaign fund.

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