Jeremy Felt

Coors Sucks Anyway

So I was inspired (see the post below) to look further into the crappiness of Coors. I’ve had the displeasure of drinking a Silver Bullet here and there, and it kinda blows.

But, at least it’s kosher certified.

Here’s a speech delivered by Pete Coors called “Responsible Partners” in which he explains that .08 BAC is too low of a standard and doesn’t give your solid drinker a good goal to shoot for.

Or at least, that’s what I got from it.

“But the rationale for .08 is so recklessly simple and so misguided that we can’t help but wonder if its supporters are really interested in making our highways safer.”

Of course, if they changed the laws so that you could drive with a 1.8 BAC, Coors would make more money, there would be fewer drunk driving arrests, all would be good… right?

He’s got my vote.

Oh wait, I live in Illinois… oh well.

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