Jeremy Felt

The Official Unofficial Second Presidential Debate Scorecard – Part I

“need some wood?”

That may have been the first time that statement was ever entered by a politician during and/or not during a campaign… Especially during a national debate.

Then you had the moment where Bush rudely cut-off Charlie our friendly moderator…

Of course, Bush also had to forget the name of his opponent:

“First, the National Journal named Senator Kennedy the most liberal senator of all. And that’s saying something in that bunch. You might say that took a lot of hard work.”

But all that aside, here’s the stuff that matters:

Once again, peace was not an issue. Bush only mentioned it only 1 time, Kerry mentioned it 6. War was pretty popular with Bush and Kerry at 17 and 16 respectively.

Iraq is still more important than Afghanistan, Bush mentioned it 16, Kerry mentioned it 15. Afghanistan was only worth 6 and 2 even though their election is tomorrow.

Finally, Kerry kicked the crap out of Bush with health care, 18 to 7. although they tied on Medicare at 7.

Bonus question of the day:

What President since Lincoln (not including Bush) has mentioned Dred Scott in one of their campaign speaches/debates?

Okay, late edit: This may be the first time that Bush has not said resolve or resolute when speaking publicly in the last 3 years, that’s impressive. And last but not least, this week’s denigrates is last week’s vociferously. Good job with the vocab reader George!

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