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GBrowser – Google Print – A9

Is Google working on a Mozilla based web browser? Yes, according to different blogs (PCWorld) and news sites (BBC News) around the world.

That to me, is one of the coolest things that they could be working on right now. What a way to bring Mozilla to the masses. I just became a convert about a month ago with Firefox and haven’t turned back since. It really is the best web browser out there. I can imagine Google taking that and building something very useful and at the same time taking a massive chunk of the browser market.

Leading into the next part of the post. This has been around for about a year I think, but I haven’t even seen it anywhere until today. If you go to, you get a “page left blank intentionally” message. But, if you add “” to your search term, it will search excerpts from books and magazine articles and provide those as results. This is way interesting because it follows the same sort of concept that Amazon uses in their “Search inside this book” feature.

Bringing me to the next point. Amazon’s ever-cool A9.Com is a user interface that combines the power of Google, IMDB, and Amazon itself (among a few others) to try and provide results across many different medias (for lack of a better word). As soon as I saw A9, I thought “wow, that’s a great thing, harness the power of Google in a friendly UI that people can use to widen their searches…. hmmm, Google should do that with a desktop application.” I then come in today to find all these rumors floating around about the Gbrowser. Perfect.

My prediction: Gbrowser will be a graphical interface for Gmail, Picasa, Blogger, RSS Feeds, and many other features. Imagine the power of Picasa with Gbrowser… You can search for images with Google, and automatically toss the relevant ones into your Picasa database. At the same time, choose to post the images to your Blog automatically or save them as Gmail attachments. The possibilities are really pretty endless.

My two cents on the coolness of Google’s future….

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