29hours and 34 minutes…

That’s how long it took for me to get my first spam message at http://www.nightnoise.net

Pretty amazing, should I go for the quick money by selling the domain?

“I was doing some searches and I saw you just registered

If you’re interested in making money with your new domain,
check this out:


Yeah, don’t think so Doug Garrison…

“This is backed by an Inc. 500 listed company and globally
it’s growing very quickly.”

Really… backed by an Inc. 500 company? Is that supposed to make me think “Fortune 500”? Oh crap, better sign up right now with my special access code….

Wow, I just realized that most of the last few posts have been spam related… I’ll have to stop that now. But seriously… that spam poetry, what kind of random word generator decides to pop that into some pornspam….

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