Jeremy Felt

rock and roll muse-ack

So I got this album a few months ago, and didn’t take it out of my cd player for the first week. I constantly played it over and over again because it was so refreshing. I put it away for a couple months and pulled it back out last week. Once again, it’s been in my cd player for a week and I still love it.

Ryan Adams switched from his normal alt-country to a standard rock and roll record, pretty well deserving of it’s title. Now, it may be too standard, as it is definitely heavily influenced and doesn’t sound horribly original at times. But it’s worth it given the current music scene. This gives me something fresh to listen to that sounds like a rock and roll record that could have been recorded 30,20,10 years ago or now.

Yeah, so borrow it, buy it, download it legally… whichever.

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